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SBG: 60 years as key player in the fuel transportation sector in Italy and Europe

SBG Group trademark of Sbg Holding Spa is one of the leading Italian operators in the following fields:

  • Road transport and logistic services throughout Europe FOR ADR class 2-3 petroleum products (petrol, diesel, jet fuel, combustible oils, bitumen, LPG) and powdery products (cement, aggregates, etc);
  • Fuel service station with bar, restaurant services and non-oil market;
  • Technological and IT services, applied to the oil sector.

SBG Group employs around 1.000 staff and 1.000 vehicles.

The organizational model adopted tends to reinforce leadership in the "core business" while developing a series of complementary activities and services aimed at the most complete satisfaction of customer needs.

The organization designed in autonomous business units, within the Group's strategies, guarantees flexibility and efficiency to the global system, making it easier to achieve growth targets.

This is the way how SBG intend to face the difficult challenge of an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving market: a mix of innovation, many years of experience and a tradition of quality aimed towards the full customer satisfaction.

The SBGhas been awarded ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 OHSAS, ISO 39001:2016, SQAS certification and is in possession of governance & responsibility systems.


50 local units and 4 national bases fully interconnected among each other, guarantee an extremely strong territorial presence able to transmit efficiency and flexibility to business activities

SBG is one of the biggest logistic partner of the major Italian, French, UK and Spanish Oil Companies.

The Headquarters is hooked up to the National Bases and the main territorial units through a geographical WAN. At a local level, each unit has Gigabit Ethernet LANs. The security data center uses hardware failover devices, redundant and continuously monitored.

In 4 European countries, executives, employees, drivers, vehicles and infrastructures are strategically placed throughout the territory, all with the same work methods, quality standards and entrepreneurial attitude.

A numerous and extremely modern team of “professional technicians” in constant movement throughout the operating territory ensures compliance with the strict quality standards adopted by the SBG Group.


The SBG Group is organised in four business divisions:
Fuel & Lpg Transports, Fuel & Lpg Logistic Services, Infosystem and Oil Retail

Fuel & Lpg Logistic Services

Fuel & Lpg Transports


Oil Retail

HSE - Health, Safety and the Enviroment

The activities involved in transporting fuel by road demand a high level of service and consideration for the end customer, excellent professional requirements and strict environmental safety standards.

Sbg has a systematic approach to what concerns Health, Safety and the Environment in order to continuously improve its performances and competitive advantage.

To this end, Sbg manage these components of the business, with a dedicated and highly professional structure in the same way that it manages all the key activities: setting the targets, innovating the processes, measuring and evaluating the performances and communicating them internally and externally.

SBG dedicates a great deal of energy and resources to the continuous training and upgrading of its personnel, while protecting the safety affirming the centrality of the individual as a primary condition for an effective strategy of prevention and continuous improvement.

We operate in this sector in an incisive, rigorous and continuous manner.

Knowledge, behaviour and communication are the pillars of the training programmes aimed at spreading the culture that is indispensable for developing, improving and upgrading the basic and professional skills of the drivers, employees and executives.

The adoption of the international Best Practices allows SBG to increase its HSE performances adopting consolidated incentive systems to stimulate virtuous behaviors.

"Safety First" expresses the conviction that any accident can be avoided and safety is everybody’s business.

These principles commit us to contribute to Sustainable Development.

This involves finding a balance between short- and long-term interests and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into the decision-making and economic process. Sustainability represents the engine of a process of continuous and transversal improvement within the company that guarantees Sustainability of results over time, improvement of performance, strengthening of reputation and enhancement of assets.

SBG defines its commitment through the main guidelines, as follows:

  • Environmental certification
  • Reduction of atmospheric emissions and consumption through:
    • a constant renewal of the fleet adhering to the highest European standards and capable of consuming fuels not derived from fossil sources;
    • the adoption of tyres with the lowest rolling resistance index;
    • continuous training of drivers oriented towards eco-driving;
    • collaboration with all the actors in the supply chain for the research and sharing of initiatives on the theme of sustainability;
  • Route risk analysis
  • Reduction of dead mileage
  • Integrazione e promozione sociale


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